BTM TalentMash Ontario 2017 Speakers & Skills Sessions


The BTM TalentMash Ontario 2017 Speakers & Skills Sessions will be posted closer to the event.

See the 2016 Speakers below:

BTM TalentMash Ontario’s (Toronto) 2016 Speakers & Skills Sessions

Opening Remarks:

Dr. Ozgur Turetken, Ph.D., Professor & Director, Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management, Ryerson University


Opening Keynote


Paul Crowe, CEO, Symbility Intersect


Joining INTERSECT in 2011 as a Partner leading growth, Paul assumed the role of CEO in 2014. He works closely with the world-class Product and Engineering teams to ensure INTERSECT’ clients — from innovative start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations — achieve their goals through the launch and optimization of mobile products, and strategic-innovation initiatives such as rapid prototyping, R&D, and product strategy.

Chasing opportunity 

The world of technology and business is evolving faster than ever. A new grads number one focus when they enter the workforce should be preparing to not just be able to keep up but to stay ahead. 

Elfreda Pitt Hetherington, Head, Applied Innovation


Making Innovation Practical:  How to create a Pitch  (Workshop)

Want to learn about elevator pitches and why they are so important in Business and Technology today?  Get your presentation skills ready because it’s time to pitch an idea to our Head of Applied Innovation!  This will be an interactive workshop of 45-60 minutes.  A maximum of 100 students broken into 10 teams will each have an opportunity to create and make their own pitch!

Julien Simoes & Bridget King, University Relations Recruitment Partners, IBM



 At IBM, we understand the value of recruiter to student feedback. IBM Course2Career is a 30 minute session which will educate students on 4 areas: resumes, interviews, networking and social media. After our session, students be equip with the tools to better prepare them for their career before and after graduation.  We’re here to help students through the transition from course to career!

Dave Remmer, Director, Solution Architecture, Fujitsu Canada


Disruptive Change & How it will Influence Your Career

Change is the only constant today! Changing technologies that are influencing our careers are likely to continue at a rapid pace.  Dave will share his personal experiences working in large, small, and start up organizations and how technology influences strategy and career development. He will also share his own strategies for getting ahead of change so it doesn’t control you.

Carol Roberts – CEO, Stellar by Choice Consulting

Carol Roberts is the Founder and CEO of Stellar by Choice Consulting. She is also a Business Development Consultant, Strategist, and an accomplished Speaker. Ms. Roberts has over 20 years’ experience in three key sectors; Financial Services, International Development, and Government Relations and has also served on numerous Boards of Directors.  Carol is a regular Guest Lecturer at Ryerson University’s Start-up School and also a frequent Guest Speaker at Humber Business School and their Start-up Incubator, Humber Launch.  Her presentation topics have included International Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Leadership, and The Business Model Canvas.   Carol has worked locally and internationally with partners in New York, Washington, Ghana, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Paraguay. This is Ms. Roberts’ third year in a row as a Skills Session Speaker and we are pleased to welcome her back.  Students have previously responded very enthusiastically to her insightful and contemporary look at the present leadership and business landscape. You can also check her out on Twitter and Instagram and LinkedIn

Disruptive Leadership

Leading a business through Disruptive Innovation and Technology requires a new mindset and an unconventional approach that is referred to as ‘Disruptive Leadership’.   Disruptive Leadership is not formulaic or quantifiable but requires agility, adaptability, and the ability to embrace ambiguity, constant change, and uncertainty. In this Skills Session you’ll learn:

  • The ‘LEAP’ Strategy
  • How to challenge assumptions and conventional mindsets and look at some key questions you’ll need to ask as a Disruptive Leader
  • How to leverage ‘Failure’, gain new insights, and uncover hidden opportunities
  • How to apply the critical thinking outside the parameters of conventional business
  • How to cultivate ‘Optimistic Persistence’ to combat the fear and pessimism that usually accompanies ‘disruption’ and change


Dr. Linying (Lin) Dong, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management, Ryerson University


Dr. Linying (Lin) Dong has been with the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management (TRSITM) for over 10 years, during which she has served as the role of Associate Director, Coordinator of the school’s Continuing Education, the Faculty Advisor of student groups, and the course coordinator of core BTM courses including system analysis and design and capstone project courses. 

Since she joined TRSITM in 2004, Professor Dong has been actively engaged in teaching, research, and services for the Ryerson community. She has developed and taught courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels, been awarded internal and external funding (SSHRC), and served at various committees including school curriculum committee (school), awards committee (faculty), and RFA executive committee. She has supervised more than 10 MBAs. Currently she is chairing the Professional Affairs Committee, and acts as the faculty advisor for the student groups including ITMSA and WITM. Due to her diligent and committed effort, she was awarded Merit Achievement awards and Dean’s Services Awards. She also won Best Paper Award (AMCIS 2000), Meritorious Award (ISECON 2006), and highly recommended for Awards for Excellence (Emerald 2009) for her publications.

The BTM Forum

You will learn about the new BTM Forum along with the benefits and process to join.  Joining the BTM Forum is your opportunity for continued growth and networking with the BTM professional community.


Kundan Joshi, Founder & CEO, TheAppLabb


Kundan Joshi is the founder and CEO of TheAppLabb, a leading product innovation firm focused on strategy, design and development of mobile apps. With global offices in Toronto, New York, Hong Kong, Melbourne and India, TheAppLabb has created over 500 apps for clients ranging from leading enterprises, like Unilever, Samsung and Dell to exciting start-ups. Kundan is also the founder of 15 other companies including StartupLabb, an accelerator for tech start-ups, and InnovationLabb, an R&D lab for emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Blockchain. Joshi is a sought-after motivational speaker, well-known community leader, avid youth mentor, passionate start-up advisor and active advocate for new immigrants. Joshi was recently awarded the Innovator of the Year award at Transformation Awards 2016. Kundan has a software engineering degree from Western University.

The Opportunities in the World of Disruptive Technology

We are living in a whole new world.  Technology combined with disruptive innovation is impacting and changing how individuals and companies operate.  Kundan Joshi, CEO of TheAppLabb has been in the center of this tech revolution and will discuss the advantages of new emerging technologies dominating the marketplace.   The positive impacts such as new job opportunities, increased work efficiencies and the rise of new business models will be highlighted to help students adapt to industries of the future. The presentation will leave new workforce entrants with a better understanding of the skillsets needed to thrive in a rapidly changing environment, now and in the future.


Ali Rushdan Tariq, Design Lead, Manulife RED Lab

Ali loves tackling problems and designing solutions that are on the intersection of technology, business, and the human element. He is the Design Lead at Manulife RED Lab, an innovation and prototyping lab in Kitchener, and previously ran a startup at Velocity Garage. He currently lives with his wife in Mississauga and occasionally cooks a mean breakfast. He pursues joy in everything he does.

The Da Vinci Disruption

Lessons from the life of Leonardo da Vinci on how to be a modern innovator.


Brian Johnson, Managing Principal, The Capital Markets Company Ltd. (Capco)

Brian Johnson is a Managing Principal with The Capital Markets Company Ltd. (Capco).  Capco is a subsidiary of Fidelity Information Systems (NYSE: FIS) which is one of the world’s largest FinTech companies with 2015 Revenues of $6.6 Billion. Brian is one of the co-leaders of Capco’s Digital Practice.  As one of the North American Leaders for Digital, Brian specializes in assisting large financial institutions in both initiating and managing through disruption and change. Brian’s 26 years of consulting have afforded him the opportunity to partner with clients across North America and Europe. In multiple sectors that include financial services, government, manufacturing, retail and advertising.  This diversified geography and industry focus, has given Brian the privilege of witnessing the effects of both disruption and the pace at which it moves on industries and society at large. Brian’s experience as a leader with specialized insight in helping clients embrace disruption to create competitive differentiators in their businesses.

Disruption or Evolution? Survival of the quickest!

The introduction of the Internet 25 years ago has altered the course of both business and society.  Individuals born in the developed world after 1985 have only known a business climate and society in a state of constant disruption.  We have reached a point where disruption is the norm and not the exception.  Business models and technologies are becoming obsolete almost as fast as they can be adopted.

 The only thing that we can count on today is that the pace of disruption is accelerating, and will continue to do so, for the foreseeable future. This pace of change has altered how we interact with clients; with vendors; with peers and even how we socialize and even date.This address will on this view of disruption and how it evolved into the a what we’re seeing today. The agenda will then move on to some of the innovative technologies and business models being implemented today that may even further accelerate the disruption that we’re seeing in the world today.  Topics will include (but are not limited to): Blockchain, Robo Advisory and Big Data, and Personal Data as a monetized service. The discussion will then conclude by examining how businesses can use this perpetual state of instability to drive gains and business differentiators.  The discussion will also focus on individuals and how constant flux can provide regular career opportunities and growth.