Become an Ambassador!


ITAC Talent is looking for volunteer BTM TalentMash 2019 Student Ambassadors for the upcoming annual marquee conferences for BTM students and employers happening in the fall.

Through a maximum time commitment of only 2 hours/week in September and an 8 hour day in November, you will have the opportunity to substantially improve your public speaking and marketing skills, and build closer and meaningful relationships with fellow students and employers present at the event. As an Ambassador, you will also gain FREE entry to BTM TalentMash 2019 – the largest Business Technology Management conference in Canada!

Here’s what your role as the BTM TalentMash 2019 Ambassador will entail:

1) Promoting BTM TalentMash 2019 through:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Social media posts
  • Class talks (3-4 brief presentations per week in relevant BTM-related classes)
  • Flyer handouts

2) Being assigned a role in Logistics Coordination and/or Social Media Correspondence during the event

3) Attending and providing admin support at the BTM TalentMash 2019 event

To apply, send an email to Jan Hall ( including a short paragraph on why you want to get involved. The deadline to apply is October 11th, 2019.